Fancy Food Dates are Fun

Whee! J and I have been dating for two years now, wut wut! We (aka me) really like going out for fancy food dates. He likes dressing up and taking pictures, and I like eating expensive food that he pays for, hahahaha. We take turns paying since I like it when he pays, and he likes it when I pay ;).

This time around, we went to Days on Front, which is on the West end of Kingston – not somewhere that students usually venture to! We made a pit stop at Portsmouth Harbour to take some pictures, although we weren’t really sure where to stand. So.. here we are, just standing around.


Once we got to Days on Front, we shared the scallops as an appetizer. I love love looooove scallops. I don’t remember when the love affair started, but I actually had scallops for our we’ve-been-together-for-one-year date shindig too. As my entrée, I had the special, which was an arctic char and J had the pork tenderloin (I think? I forget already. Some kind of red meat, haha).

We LOVED the food, and the service! We would definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone who asks. I was delighted with the food (SO yummy), and J was particularly impressed at the portions. Usually, he finds the more upscale restaurants to be kind of overpriced, and underfilling. But he gives Days on Front two thumbs up. Yippee!

On that note, the restaurant is in kind of a funny place, in a strip mall. The outside is a little underwhelming, but hey, it is nice to see that there are excellent local restaurants outside of the downtown area of Kingston, and it got us to venture outside of our comfortable downtown bubble. I love any excuse to celebrate with food, and to explore our city.

We definitely had a fun time celebrating God’s faithfulness to us in our relationship. Here’s to many more years of learning to love each other the way that Jesus loves us!


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