Mailing Flat Things

I’m hoping to share the lessons that I learn, as I learn them! A couple of weeks ago, I mailed my first prints across the country, from Ontario to British Columbia. Canada is such a vast and beautiful country, I almost wish I could have ventured over to the West Coast, along with my envelope!

The prints are 5″x7″, which means I could very easily use a 6″x8″ photo mailer, yippee! I ended up walking up to my local post office, and buying a Canada Post photo mailer, and MY goodness! It is expensive there! The thing cost $2.30, which seems a little silly to me. Not to mention, it is all Canada Post branded.. I got it anyway since I only needed one. Maybe one day it will be more worth it to go get a bulk pack of mailers.. But for now, this is what I stuck to for mailing my prints.

One of the funnest things about buying things off Etsy is all the creative packaging, so I wanted to figure out my own style and create my own fun packaging. I’m sending this package to my best friend from high school, so it’s totally okay that I’m experimenting and using her as a guinea pig, right?!

I wrapped some gold tissue paper around the prints, and taped on a little simply steph studio tag using gold washi tape. I really like gold, can you tell?! And really, who doesn’t love sparkly things? I think it’s really hard to come up with your own personalized creative packaging, and I am certain that the way I pack things will change. But for now, I’m actually really happy with how everything is put together.

I hope everything will arrive intact and still flat. Fingers crossed!!

EDIT: Since they have now arrived, here is what is inside:




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