Chasing My Dreams

It is my dream to open up a card and print shop. I honestly have no idea how to get there, but I’m pretty excited to discover it. I know that the first step in any journey is always the idea. It’s the spark, the dream, the vision of what could be. So, here I am, daring to dream.


I love cards. It’s not so much the card itself that I love, but it’s the love that goes into the card. I think a thoughtful message is something that anyone would treasure. It shows someone that you took the time to think of them, and write out a message just for them. It’s more than just a quick email, or text message. A card is a folded piece of paper made precious by the thoughtful and loving words it holds.

A card is a folded piece of paper made precious by the thoughtful and loving words it holds. – Stephanie Ko
(look at me, quoting myself and pretending to be wise)

Remember in elementary school, when you’d give and get a card for and from all your classmates every Valentine’s Day? Or in middle and high school when you’d sign each other’s yearbooks and your BESTEST friends would write messages that filled up an entire page? And did you ever go to retreats or camps where you’d write warm fuzzies to all the other campers? I have always loved giving and receiving cards, and at some point I decided that I didn’t like the cards I saw in the stores.

So, my desire is simple: to create items that inspire joy, thankfulness, and celebration. I want to fill that gap that I see, where I can’t find cards that adequately celebrate the everyday occasions (or those big ones). I want cards that share scripture. I want cards that inspire joy and love. I want cards that encourage. This is the reason that I started creating my own cards.

I am also a huge fan of simple, yet beautiful design. I want to share beautiful cards that can be filled with loving words. Cards where the words are the star of the show! Cards that I would love to give someone, and that I would love to receive. Cards that encourage, and cards that share love.

This has long been a dream of mine, but this year, I have decided to get a move on, and make it a reality. I am chasing my dreams, and taking it one step at a time. I am learning calligraphy and lettering. I am collecting inspiration. I am sharing my journey. I feel like a commercial, haha.. “I AM __ (fill in inspirational word here) __”, :).

J and I recently watched Tomorrowland, and it was such a fun movie. It’s all about dreaming big, and it makes you fall in love with ideas and innovation. So let’s do that! Let’s fall in love with big ideas! I have this crazy tendency to overthink everything, but sometimes you just need to take the first step. Jump in. Get wet. Learn from your mistakes. So, here I am! A complete beginner, with a dream — to open up a card and print shop. My hope is to have a shop up and running by August. Eep! So please, come back and check on me :)

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11


2 thoughts on “Chasing My Dreams

  1. Stephanie! Dream big, sista!!! Your reasons for loving the entire card design process are so lovely. Your work does inspire joy and so many wonderful things about you and your positive outlook in life. I am rooting for you and anxiously await your future shop! Best wishes!


    1. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Sharisse! I’m so glad you agree with my vision, and can see it in my work :D I will definitely keep you updated, and I can’t wait to see my future shop either!! Eep!


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