The Rex

I’ve been working near Little Italy for a while now, and a huge bonus of this location is all of the amazing food nearby.

To celebrate the end of Emily’s work term, our team went to The Rex for lunch last week.

I ordered the shepherd’s pie, which is made with overnight braised short ribs, brown butter mashed potatoes and sweet corn. It came with soup or salad (I got salad), and their homemade potato chips.

The shepherd’s pie came in a mini cast iron skillet (so cute!), and the braised short ribs tasted sooo goooood. The meat was soft, well seasoned, and just overall tasty.

I had issues with the salad, because the leaves were a little too big for my mouth. But Sharon commented that she was having a similar issue, so she was cutting her salad with her knife (well, duh!). If that’s my only critique, it’s a pretty minor one.

Looking around the table, and judging from the reactions, we each had similar experiences: small portions, but big flavour.

Actually, to be perfectly honest, it was probably the perfect portion size though I am used to larger portion sizes. I left lunch not-quite-full, but no-longer-hungry. From a public health perspective, this is a good thing! Much healthier for you than being overstuffed. All good things, in moderation, right?

I would absolutely go again! The restaurant is in a cute little house on a side street, with lots of charm.

The Rex | 40 Adeline Street, Ottawa


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