Baker Street Café

There is almost always a line up out the door at Baker Street Café, and this line up has more than once turned me away from trying the food. But catching up with old friends is a perfect excuse to stand in a line together. So this time, we waited! Emily and I got there at about 9:45am on a Saturday, and waited for half an hour before being seated. Not too bad of a wait.


We both ordered the Portobello Mushroom Eggs Benny special because it sounded too irresistible not to!


The eggs benedict were served on portobello mushrooms instead of an English muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce. And they came with a side of deliciously seasoned and perfectly crisp home fries, and a plate of fruit.

It was the perfect balance between delicious and well, delicious.

There’s a reason Baker Street Café is known for having the best breakfast in town. The portion was generous enough to keep you full, the prices are reasonable, and the staff are friendly.

A+! And totally worth the wait.

Baker Street Café | 385 Richmond Road, Ottawa


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