EVOO Greek Kitchen

Easily my favourite restaurant in Ottawa. I discovered EVOO while working nearby. There are lots and lots of options for food, and ironically, I fell in love with a greek restaurant in Little Italy.

Usually (yes, I have a usual, because I seem to come here once a month), I order the pork pita, with fries + feta (aka the cheapest item on the menu). It. Is. So. Good. And so filling! But seriously, the tzatziki in the pita, and the seasoning on the fries are deeeeelicious (I’m drooling thinking about it).


BUT I actually didn’t order that this time around. I brought my parents with me, and they weren’t particularly hungry, so they wanted to share 2 dishes among the 3 of us. We ordered calamari and a plate of pork souvlaki.


We were happy with the food, and left sufficiently satisfied. The calamari was crispy, the pork was cooked and seasoned well. The fries and greek salad were good too. But I realized that I liked their pitas more, and will probably go back to ordering a pita next time I go.

Verdict: order a pita.

Next time, I want to try EVOO’s brunch menu! They started offering weekend brunch this spring, and since I love EVOO, and I love brunch, I can’t see how this could go wrong!


EVOO Greek Kitchen | 438 Preston Street, Ottawa

Also, I know my photos suck (like, really awful). I have zero intention of lugging a DSLR around with me, and my phone is getting really old (Nexus 4, which I got in 2013). I have a new phone now, but at the time was still using the old one, so hopefully my photos will improve with a phone that can better capture light! In the meantime, bear with me.


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