Wilf & Ada’s

Wilf & Ada’s is a small scratch diner in Centretown, and I hear it gets quite busy on the weekend. I went with my mom on a Tuesday for brunch, and we were able to snag one of the last available tables. It is quite small in there, so definitely go early if you’re going on the weekend!


My mom got the Florentine eggs benny, and I got the Blackstone eggs benny. Hers looks more appetizing, in my opinion. Mine looks.. normal? It was still tasty though.


Maybe it was our mood (it was a slow, humid day in May), maybe it was the food (probably not, because it looks really good to me). But we just weren’t thrilled. We enjoyed our food, we chatted, then we paid and we left.


I didn’t love Wilf & Ada’s, nor did I dislike it. It was a nice place, and cute space. I’ll definitely keep them on my ‘will return’ list because I love their love for all things local. And I’ll definitely have to give something else on the menu a try!

Wilf & Ada’s | 510 Bank Street, Ottawa


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