My Daily Bike Commute

When I wake up, I dread getting on my bike because I know that it will be tiring, and make my bum sore (seriously, what’s up with that?). But I dread it less once I’m on the bike and about 3km in. My commuting route weaves through tree-canopied trails, cuts through sunny Experimental Farm and goes around Dow’s Lake — it’s just so darn beautiful!

  • Distance: 12.5 km each way
  • Average Time: 45 mins
  • Average Speed: 16 kph

I hope that as I get more fit, the commute will take less time. And I’m sure it will, but it’s only been about a week so far.

I work in public health, so of course I know that exercise has amazing benefits in terms of preventing cancers, improving blood pressure and cholesterol, better sleep, attention, and energy, and a lot of other things too. But my head knowledge and my actions weren’t lining up. Especially while working a sedentary job, I need to find more ways to incorporate activity into my days!

Since starting to bike daily(ish), my physical activity time shot up from 4.5 hours a week to 9.5 hours a week. I use Google Fit to keep track of my physical activity time, so this estimate includes getting up and walking around, if I have my phone in my pocket. I don’t keep my phone in my pocket during organized sports or washroom breaks, so this accounts for mainly my daily commute, lunch time walks, and weekends in and around the city.

Also, I don’t know about you, but lots of successful and fit people exercise daily. And I want to be that kind of person. I want to be someone who takes care of their body and honours it as God intended.

I hate running. Well, strongly dislike. I really do. Biking is way more my pace, so I hope that I can keep it up and increase my fitness. Maybe then my daily commute won’t feel so treacherous and tiring, and I won’t dread it every day.

Here’s to better fitness, better health, and active transportation!



One thought on “My Daily Bike Commute

  1. Good on you for starting to bike!!! I only clock in at 3.9km each way. But I am hoping to continue throughout the winter so that means I may catch up to you in a cumulative year total??? :D


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