Dumpling Park

Dumpling Park is a secret little trailer behind Morning Owl on Rochester Street, near Dow’s Lake.

First of all, decor, A+. I am in love with how cute and fresh their little corner is. It’s bright, it’s clean, it’s simple, and it’s fun!

I have tried the lemongrass chicken, and the crack bowl (pork belly, not actually crack, haha). I am not brave enough to try the dumplings, because I don’t know that they are worth the price.

The lemongrass chicken bowl includes chicken, rice, quinoa, edamame and cabbage (there’s also a vegan tofu option). It’s simple, but it’s filling. And it feels really light, which I definitely appreciate in a summer meal.


The crack bowl (sorry, no picture.. I was hungry) includes pork belly, rice, lettuce, and apple slices. It’s delicious, like so so good. But pork belly makes me feel guilty. And it’s a dollar more than the chicken bowl.

I’ve seen others order the dumpling bowl, and although the dumplings look and smell really really good, there are only 6 of them (you can also get 10, but you pay more). I just can’t validate paying $10 for the dumplings, when I make more dumplings at home for less. But maybe that’s because I’m asian, and dumplings are my comfort food. That’s like paying $10 for Kraft Dinner. Actually, I would pay $10 for mac & cheese, so maybe the dumplings are worth it.

But I’m happy with the other options which look more filling, so I probably won’t try the dumplings, unfortunately.

My recommendation? Get the lemongrass chicken bowl.

A couple caveats: they are only open in the summer, from 11-2, Monday to Friday, and accept cash only. Perfect for this public servant who works right around the corner ;)


Dumpling Park | 538 Rochester Street, Ottawa


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