Bar Robo

I find myself spending a lot of time in Chinatown, since my church is in Chinatown.

On a particularly hot day, Jethro and I decided to pop into Bar Robo to a) refuel with some coffee, and b) take a break from the heat.

Bar Robo is a new coffeeshop / bar / performance space in Chinatown, right by the arch. They opened in May, and took over the old Raw Sugar space.

“Some say Ottawa is a predictable, robotic city. We’re here to prove them wrong.” – Bar Robo

I really like how clean the space is, yet it also has a lot of character. It’s a contrast to a lot of the busyness of Chinatown shops.


Natural light is really important to me, and there are only a couple tables by the windows out front. The rest of the space is pretty dark. But on a hot day, I didn’t really mind sitting in the dark. In fact, I really appreciated it.

I got a cold brew, and Jethro got a maple iced latte. They were the only two cold drinks on the menu, and we really didn’t feel like having a hot drink. I wonder if you could order their regular hot coffees on ice? Probably? I actually didn’t think of that until right this moment as I’m writing this. Huh! Next time.

Also, sorry. No pictures of the coffees, cause they looked the same — coffee in a plastic cup, with straws. Yep.

I definitely enjoyed my cold brew (the maple latte, not so much. It was too sweet). I can’t really compare to anywhere else because I usually order iced coffee (because I’m cheap like that). But the cold brew is waaayyyy better than iced coffee I usually get. More coffee flavour, not bitter, and definitely not watered down like iced coffee can be. But I hear that’s the whole point behind cold brew. So maybe I’m just a new cold brew convert! :)

All the best to you, my little robot friend.

Bar Robo

Bar Robo | 692 Somerset Street West, Ottawa


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