The Flying Banzini

I haven’t eaten out at too many interesting local places lately, so I haven’t had much to share. I think I am less adventurous in the winter. When there’s snow on the ground, I’d rather be in bed (or order takeout. Maybe that’s a good topic for another post, where I’ve been ordering takeout from).

But back to the whole reason you’re reading this post.. The Flying Banzini. Jethro and I went to The Flying Banzini after finding a groupon for some % off (I have no idea because I didn’t pay hahahah). And he realized that we had to use it before it expired, so we went on the Monday of a long weekend (Family Day). Bad idea.

There were no mini cheesecakes left!! There’s one. One in this photo. Can you see it? They are known for their cheesecakes, so we’ll just have to come back to try them.


That definitely made my experience not as a great as I had hoped.. but it wasn’t all bad. The food was actually quite tasty, and the restaurant had a really local, cozy feeling to it.

I got… some kind of panini or another (sorry, real blogging fail here). But they ran out of italian sausage (again, long weekend, bad idea), so I got pork belly instead (so delicious, so unhealthy). The soup was ehn. It was a curry soup, but it tasted very strongly of ginger. After about 3 scoops, I was done with it, and traded Jethro for his fries, haha. He’s da best.


Not my favourite place, but a nice place, nonetheless. I will have to go back to try the cheesecakes, though.

The Flying Banzini | 1242 Wellington Street West

Bonus picture: Jethro didn’t know where to look, so he just kept reading his menu. P.S. There’s a purple pikachu on the wall!

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