Summer 2018

This summer has been the most eventful summer of my life, by far. Lots of big changes, but good changes, and lots and lots of fun.

Let’s see, what did I do this summer..


  • Went to Toronto for a friend’s wedding, and on the way, we got our marriage license in Prescott (it costs $60 less in Prescott than in Ottawa! Worth it if you’re already passing by)
  • Jethro and I bought a house! We are now proud homeowners (and owners of mortgage debt, ha)



  • Had engagement photos taken, and went to about a million and one wedding-related appointments (alterations, decor, lashes, venue, hair and makeup trial..)
  • My girls hosted the most lovely bridal shower, and I was thoroughly amused by how competitive my mom’s friends are..
  • Got into a major car accident (ugh, still don’t like talking about it, but it happened, and we’re still alive, by the grace of God!)

Jethro+Steph-80.jpgPhoto by Jessi Lauren Photo


  • Went to Prince Edward County for the long weekend (bachelorette weekend!)
  • Jethro and I got married!!
  • We also went on a minimoon roadtrip through Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont (sooo muccchhh lobster!!)

Photo by Jessi Lauren Photo


  • Attended a wedding in Ottawa, and another in Toronto
  • We bought a car! (and if you ever want to talk about hybrids, Jethro’s your man)


September (so far)

  • Went to Tremblant for the long weekend
  • Another wedding in Toronto later this month (this is the summer of 6 weddings for us!!)

Wow. What a summer.

I’m thinking some of these deserve a full blog post. I’m really not the most consistent blogger though, so we shall see…

Until next time,

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